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Heeeey Good News!!!

2014-07-22 18:40:51 by Shizarah

YEEEAAAAHHHH my computer's problem is solved!!! NOW I FINALLY CAN WORK ON MY ANIMATIOOON!!! (for the love of Aquaman, I'm so happy!) 

So I'll try to make the teaser video for the next week! please wait!!! 


Bad News

2014-07-04 19:00:34 by Shizarah


Yeah guys... Bad news... when I start to make the flash animation... my notebook have the "blue screen of the death" and I'm fucked... my computer don't turn on...  I'm feeling a little bit dead now... I really really really really love my computer and... he's dead... god I want to die now! I hope someone can fix it! so I call the services of repair and now... is only wait!


2014-07-02 01:01:36 by Shizarah

Yeah ok I have my idea with fixed details!!!
Let's get the story begins!!!

+18 (mature language, violence gore, blood baths, bang bang, horror and comedy)


Shizarah is a very sad girl who doesn't understand sarcasm and needs a several method to produce dopamine, she make a real friendship with Bianca, a sarcastic and bad humored girl that uses sarcasm all the time and loves to throw knives. The friends starts to live together because of the college. They find a cat in the street and adopt him. A few days later, the girls make a discovery, the cat talks  and say:" - Meow... ok you two really can understand me rrringht? So... girls... I'm a magical cat and I'm herrre in this world to catch all the monsterrrrrs arrrrrrownd here! And I'll give to you two the powerrrr to help me~ow!


Ta-daaah this is the story!!! Sinopsis...

Yeah... allright... I'm thinking about make something like flash comics with voice and something like this... maybe music but I really don't know... Obviously this will starring me (as a random and a little bit crazy character) and... some friends... I'm thinking about something like... 2 friends (girls) who hunts monsters and yeah that's it... well ok WAAIT FOR THIS!!!!