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Bad News

2014-07-04 19:00:34 by Shizarah


Yeah guys... Bad news... when I start to make the flash animation... my notebook have the "blue screen of the death" and I'm fucked... my computer don't turn on...  I'm feeling a little bit dead now... I really really really really love my computer and... he's dead... god I want to die now! I hope someone can fix it! so I call the services of repair and now... is only wait!


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2014-07-04 20:47:14

Save money for a desktop than hoping your notebook is alive. I know I may sound like a jerk but trust me just get a 24 inch or higher desktop monitor with parts that are on your budget and transfer everything from your laptop memory to your desktop. Your hard drive should hopefully be in take. Trust me it is ten times better than working on a notebook. Unless you really want to carry around a computer i don't see why not