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Entry #1 my first time here...!?

2014-07-01 02:57:00 by Shizarah

Yeah... allright... I'm thinking about make something like flash comics with voice and something like this... maybe music but I really don't know... Obviously this will starring me (as a random and a little bit crazy character) and... some friends... I'm thinking about something like... 2 friends (girls) who hunts monsters and yeah that's it... well ok WAAIT FOR THIS!!!!


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2014-07-01 03:29:45

Welcome to Newgrounds

Shizarah responds:

thanks!!! I know this page a long time ago but... just this week I join


2014-07-01 04:58:07

Welcome to this lovely hellhole of randomness we call home :D

Shizarah responds:



2014-07-01 05:15:27

Sounds like a tough thing to make, but perhaps a great story!

Shizarah responds:

Awww thanks! I'll try do do my best!!! Thanks!